Thursday, November 20, 2008

i dont want you getting entertained now

i don't have anything to write about, so i'll just share the news.i have over 150 hits, already!no school tomorrow, foxtel all dayand my exams are over; thank fuck for that.

i have a large variety of thigns to write about so il jsut share thew news. henry has over 150 hits and my goal is to beat him and therefore make him rage.
do it for the children in africa
they would do it for you...



sit back and waste time reading this article while trying to anoy out dear friend henry wylde sims...

Grace Slick, also of The Jefferson Airplane and Starship once did vocals for Sesame Street. Her real name is Grace Barnett Wing. She married Jerry Slick. Guess that was a slicker name. (bad pun!)

now to add a random assortment of pictures of old sweaty black men that play a sport none of us a remotely familiar with
hell yes

tasty black treat

this stupid blgospot is so iregular and uncanny that it takes around 5 to 6 hours to actualy add a photo let alone get it in a positon u want it

anyway i also would liek to add this orgianly thought that hasnt been tampered with.

To think that a picture could basically signal the end of my life, the one moment, where for around a year i will become a hermit, im gonna anal rape ur parents a recluse to society, an FM'er.Once you have played this game/alternative reality you will instantly realise why you were born, give up all religion and become a chain smoker. my dad touches me in my sleep. if you think you have any idea of what the word stress means, try Football Manager. when i grow up i actualy want black men to touch me. Back to something anyone besides me and Jordan care about. Well, actually, that's not entirely true, I'm going to talk about football. Ah, our Carling Cup/League Cup journey is over. i raped my sister. 5-4 on pens against Burnley, i reckon two people (readers) will have ever heard of that club (me and Jordan again...) and whaddya know, they've knocked a good Chelsea squad out of the cup. Oh well, I'm content with a League + FA Cup or Champions League.Well, what else is there for me to add to this blog (filler) on a Thursday night? i should probably mention that i now follow the TV show House, he has mad swagger. Oh yeah, and Wayne 'choke a bitch' Brady's on there too.Oh yeah, the noises sthat come out of my brother bedroom when my dad is in there make me want to go to sleep. the comment buttons under the post, no excuses now.Note: I try not to talk about football too much on here, this does great disservice to how much i truly love the dick.